The Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month of Learning

STANFORD Graduate School of Business

Welcome to our calendar of activities in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander month! We are so glad you are here. This is an opportunity to share information, celebrate cultures and traditions, fight racism, and highlight Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) voices, experiences, and achievements. We hope you find something new to engage with, even if you are a member of the community, an ally of the community, or a scholar of the community. We also hope you will share what you know with others.

We are all on a journey to understand, research, and fight against discrimination and racial prejudice. We have created this calendar as a way for us and others to learn more about the AAPI community and to deepen our understanding of the many identities and challenges of the AAPI community – particularly in this time of increased violence directed toward members of this community in our country.  As members of an academic community, we believe in the power of education to enhance our understanding and empathy as well as to enhance our ability to reflect and take action to reduce bias toward members of the AAPI community. 


How to Engage with This Resource

We hope that, at a minimum, you will commit to around 15 minutes each day engage with the material in our AAPI calendar. We also encourage you to spend some time reflecting on what it is that you have learned.  Then, we encourage you to make a commitment to action, because allyship should include more than good intentions: it should include action.  You can do this by yourself, or with others. If you work with a partner or small groups, please visit our tips on facilitation.


Pick one of the cards and engage with the materials about the AAPI community.


Reflect on your own thoughts and experiences with the AAPI community.


Experiment with taking a new action to support the AAPI community based on what you’ve learned and your reflections.


You can engage with this calendar on your own or in a pair or group!