Group of young Filipino Americans

Filipino Americans are a large and important, yet little understood group in the US. 

  • According to Migration Policy Institute, Filipino immigrants make up the fourth largest group in the US. Yet, little is known of Filipinos aside from “lumpia” (fried spring rolls) and “pancit” (noodles).
  • Filipinos reside in large numbers in the metropolitan areas of California, Hawaii, Illinois, Texas and New York; seamlessly integrating themselves into racially diverse communities.
  • Anthony Christian Ocampo (Stanford alumni BA ‘03, MA ‘04) explores intersectionalities of the Filipino racial identity: Asian due to geography; Latino from 3 centuries of Spanish colonial rule; and American from 50 years as a United State territory.
  • Ocampo’s informal interviews of Filipinos living in the Eagle Rock and Carson neighborhoods of Los Angeles delve into “being Filipino” and nuances that makes Filipinos The Latinos of Asia (Stanford University Press).

Submitted by Marissa Mendoza