Vincent Chin

Vincent Chin, a Chinese American, was murdered in Detroit in 1982 by two autoworkers. Chin’s killers believed that the Japanese auto industry was to blame for the decline of the US auto industry.  Believing Chin to be of Japanese descent, they beat him to death.

Chin’s murderers received a light fine and served no prison time, igniting a movement for pan-Asian rights in the United States.

Read this short article on this tragic event, and the movement that it ignited. 

Listen to this podcast, an episode of Rumble (Ep. 175: My Afternoon with the Killer of Vincent Chin + #StopAsianHate​ Michael Moore with Annie Tan), which talks about the role of WWII, the Korean War, and Vietnam War in anti-Asian Violence, as well as the events around Chin’s murder.

Submitted by Sarah A. Soule; Illustration partially based on a photo from Bettmann Archive / Getty Images