Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu

One of the most visible changes in Asian America has been the rapid growth of persons of Asian and non-Asian ancestries (e.g., Japanese and Irish)  and those of mixed Asian ancestries (e.g.,  Chinese and Japanese). Multiethnic Asian Americans now comprise a significant part of the Asian American population and represent the changing face of Asian America. Multiethnic identities expand the borders of Asian America, raising many issues regarding race, religion, community, diversity, and inclusion. 

The past year’s tumultuous events of Black Lives Matter and Anti-Asian violence have made these issues even more crucial to understand. As for all Asian American experiences, we need to gather and tell more stories to humanize our lives. 

Engage with the work of Stanford’s Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu about multiethnic identities, via the power of storytelling, such as The Celtic Samurai.  

Also see more general resources here and in the book,  When Half is Whole.

Finally, listen to this NPR Code Switch podcast on “Who gets to be ‘Hapa.’”

Submitted by Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu; Illustration partially based on a photo from the Stanford Center for Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity