Gerald Tsai CEO of AAPI, Indra Nooyi served as CEO of Pepsico and Satya Nadella

In 1986, Gerald Tsai, a Chinese American, became the CEO of American Can, and the first CEO of AAPI descent to join the Fortune 500 list. Today, 2.4 % of the Fortune 500 CEOs are AAPI. 

While each CEO brings their unique perspective to their roles, two stand out as having their personal stories contribute to their leadership points of view:

Indra Nooyi served as CEO of Pepsico for 12 years, before stepping down in 2018. Later this year she is publishing her memoir, My Life in Full, which starts with her childhood in India and shares her challenges balancing motherhood with work. 

Satya Nadella led a transformation at Microsoft, increasing the value of the software behemoth to an all-time high, using a growth-mindset approach. “It’s the language, routines and mindset of my parents back in India and my family in Seattle that helped form me and still guide me today,” explained Nadella in a business case study.

Submitted by Lori Nishiura Mackenzie; Illustration partially based on a photo by Satya Nadella / CC BY-SA 4.0