Eddie Huang is a Taiwanese-American author, chef, restaurateur, food personality, producer, and attorney. He may be best known for the sitcom Fresh Off the Boat, loosely inspired by his memoir of the same name, but he is an influential and outspoken member of an eclectic mix of fields. 

Read this recent interview with Eddie in the NYT where he talks about Asian representation in the film and television industry and his new movie Boogie, a movie about a Chinese-American high school basketball star growing up in Queens:  

“But I was right about ‘Fresh Off the Boat.’ I was right not to settle, and I was right to argue. Because they really were telling white narratives through yellow faces. That show didn’t challenge anybody. It was historic because it broke a wall and we got representation, but representation is nothing. It’s almost just like acknowledging that we’re in this country.”

Submitted by Mason Jiang; Illustration partially based on a photo by Gary Stevens / CC BY 2.0