The previous six days should have been days of introspection for you, and hopefully led to greater self awareness. Before we move on to crafting an action plan, we would like you to watch this TED Talk on Self Awareness, which points to some simple ways to move forward from self-awareness to action.


You began this journey with us by taking a pledge.  Take a moment and revisit that pledge.

I pledge my commitment to learn about racial injustice and racial inequity, reflect on my own responsibility to drive change, and act to dismantle systemic racism.

You have spent the past 6 days learning about unconscious bias and how this impacts everyday interactions. You have learned about how intersectionality can amplify the impact of these biases. And you have explored what Anti-Racism and Allyship are.

You signed the pledge, you have begun your learning and reflection journey (a lifelong process), now it is time to commit to action.

Next Steps

Please go to pages 22-25 in your workbook.